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The documents on this page are related to my grandparents, 
Ora Cork/Cook and Mamie Thielsen
and their relatives.



Cook & Thielsen Family

Marriage License
Martin R. Thielsen &
Mary Margrett Kelier
(Parents of Mamie Thielsen)
17 June 1874

Margaret Mary Thielsen
(c. 1851-1921)
Death Certificate 

Document on the left:
1900 Census, Danville, IL
Ora Cook (20), 6th line from bottom,
brother-in-law, living in the household of
his sister Dora Cork and her husband 
John Huffer.




Ora Cork
White Capping Incident



White Cappers Are Caught




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Marriage License
Ora Cork and 
Mary M. "Mamie" Thielsen
24 Oct 1907

Ora Cook (formerly Cork)
WWI Draft Registration

Death Certificate
Mamie Thielsen Cook


Ora Cook (formerly Cork)
 Death Certificate

Ora Alfred Cook
Death Certificate


Roy Lee Cook
Honorable Discharge

Death Certificate
Henrietta Thielsen Nagle

Death Certificate
Henry Nicholas "Nick" Thielsen
(c. 1875-1940)