Reed Family Reunion c1901
Descendants of Patrick Reed & Elizabeth Yetter

House in the picture built by Enos Reed of native Kansas lumber

L to R Back Row Standing:  Flora Reed Courtney & Baby Authur, Florence Snodgrass, Ida Reed Snodgrass, Ben Peery, Earl Reed, James A. Reed, Grace Smith Reed (wife of J.A. Reed), Baby Roy Reed, Patrick Reed (son of Aaron Reed), Alice Reed Richardson, Henry Richardson, Clara Reed Cunningham, Doc Cunningham & Baby Fenton Cunningham, Thomas Scantlin, Robert Brown, Blanche Richardon Brown

L to R Seated:  Ida Reed Peery, Amos D. Reed, Elizabeth Parameter (wife of Amos), William Wilson, Rachel Reed Wilson, Catherine Reed Hayward, Enos E. Reed (twin of Amos), Martha Arnott (wife of Enos), Mary Baily Patterson Reed (wife of Aaron)

L to R Seated:  Faye Courtney, Oscar Courtney, Leslie Snodgrass, Nellie Richardson, Bertha Reed Gookins, Jasper Snodgrass, Homer Richardson, Henry W. Reed, Flora Richardson, Joe E. Cunningham, Edith Richardson, Mattie Reed, Eunice Reed, Ura Cunningham, Lou Vinnie Reed, Bertha Gilmore, Leslie Gilmore, Blanche Richardson, George E. Reed