Collectornuts Descendants of Noah Tipton and Elizabeth Wagaman

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Tipton Family

James B. "Jim" Tipton


Mary Ellen Hill
1st wife of James B. Tipton

Jim Tipton

James Tipton Homestead
Westphalia, Kansas
Photo by Vivian Rowan


Tipton Homestead
Now owned by the Corley Family
Photo by Vivian Rowan



James B. Tipton
& 2nd wife
Mrs. McConnaghy


MJ Tipton
2nd wife of Jim Tipton

Photo copied in 1980
Jim Tipton


Children of James B. Tipton 
& Mary Ellen Hill
Back:  Samuel, William, 
Charles, James Seybert
Front:  Anna, Edith, Frances
1896 at their father's funeral


Tipton Sisters:
Frances, Edith, Anna
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Anna Tipton Keim

Anna Amelia Tipton

Anna Tipton Keim 
about 1920

Johnny Tipton
Son of 
Jim & Ellen Tipton


Anna Tipton is in the back row, far right.  Judging by the appearance of this group of friends, I estimate the tintype was taken about 1875, probably Westphalia, Kansas, around the time Anna was in high school.  
Do you recognize her friends? 

Frances "Frank" Tipton

Frances Tipton

William Smith,
Son of Frances Tipton 
& George Smith

Samual N. Tipton
Brother of Anna


Clyminnie "Minnie" Silliman
Wife of Samuel Tipton

Tipton Siblings: L to R
Will, Anna, Charles, 
Edith, Sam
in Westphalia, KS

Edith Tipton

John E. Stevenson
(18612 - 1937)
Husband of Edith Tipton


Karl Stevenson
(b. 1891)
Son of John Stephenson
& Edith Tipton

Will Smith,
Son of Frances Tipton

Roy O. Smith
(1874 - 1964)
Son of Frances Tipton
& George Smith

Karl Stevenson & wife
Vashti Barker
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Helen M. Tipton,
High School Graduation


Will Tipton,
daughter Helen,
unknown woman,
Eva Windbigler, wife of Will

Will Tipton with
daughter Blanche
& wife Ada Lake


Nellie Blanche Tipton
(b. 1886)
Daughter of Will Tipton
& Ada Lake

Blanche Tipton

Virgil Tipton
(b. 1900)
Son of Will Tipton
& Eva Windbigler


Virgil Tipton
and wife

Will Tipton with
2nd wife
Eva Windbigler

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Lee O. Tipton
(1894 - 1986)
Son of Charles W. Tipton


Glenn "Roy" Tipton
(1900 - 1950),
Son of Charles W. Tipton
Photo courtesy of Jeane Tipton

L to R:  Mollie Armstrong, ?, 
Mollie's mother, Will Tipton, 
Eva Windbigler, 
Charley Tipton, 
Minnie Tipton, Sam Tipton, Dale Tipton


Back Row, 
Minnie Tipton, 
Dale Tipton 
and Sam Tipton
Do you know the other people 
in this picture?


Robert A. Tipton
(1889 - 1948)
Son of Noah T. Tipton
& Elizabeth Noble
Photo courtesy of Tara Brown

James Sybert Tipton
(1861 - 1896)
Brother of Anna A. Tipton



Photo on the left: Glen Tipton Jr, Charley Tipton, Dale Gifford, and Glen Tipton Sr.  The photo was taken in the summer of 1940.


Arthur & Louisa Tipton
Courtesy of Tara Brown

Arthur Noble Tipton
Courtesy of Tara Brown


Florence Tipton Wickler
Courtesy of Tara Brown

Harry Tipton
Courtesy of Tara Brown

John & Charles Tipton

Courtesy of Tara Brown

Courtesy of Tara Brown

Other Related Tiptons

Photos below are courtesy of John W. Brant


Noah Tipton
and wife
Elizabeth May

Leonard Tipton
(1862 - 1936)

Leonard Tipton
and wife
Alice McCloskey